Academic Structure
  •  College of Agronomy
  •  College of Sustainable Agriculture
  •  College of Animal Science
  •  College of Agricultural Engineering
  •  College of Land Reclamation and Rural Real Estate Development
  •  College of Rural Land Management
  •  College of Agricultural Economics
  •  College of Agricultural Business and Law
  •  College of Farm Accounting
  •  Distance Education Programs
  •  Agribusiness Academy
  •  Preparatory Program.

This academy has initially begun as a farm school with this event taking place in 1840. Eight years after, it was transformed into a full-scale farm tech school with all university rights and privileges being assumed. In 1925, it was once again reorganized into Byelorussian Agricultural Academy. At that time, a few colleges were started and the admission into Academy was expanded.

Students have free access to the Academy’s athletic facilities. There has been built a new athletic complex with soccer field, running tracks, cross-country ski center, tennis and basketball courts, as well as with several gyms. On top of that, there is a newly-made swimming pool, as well as horse-riding school, and a shooting range. There are many choices for sports available such as soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball, various kinds of athletic games, swimming and wrestling, tennis and much more. There is also a gym in every dormitory. Gyms have gymnastics equipment, tennis tables, grips etc. The campus location is very scenic with parks, groves, and natural lakes within a short walking distance from every building on campus.

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