TSU is the oldest university in the Russian Asia, in Siberia, that was founded in 1878 in Tomsk, Russia.
It was the First Siberian Imperial University.

In TSU old and new traditions go hand in hand. However, the main mission of the university has remained the same since the time of its foundation: to be a classical educational university of research renowned for its education system that builds the academic process on the latest research results and enhances personal growth in the cultural and intellectual development.

For the past 136 years of its existence the university has become a centre, which attracts creative and talented people, that generates advancement in science and exemplifies the best practices in Russian higher education. For many bright young people entry to TSU was a dream that came true, a dream that enabled them to get high-quality education. It will assure their career development and success in the future. From this perspective, we are well aware of our responsibility for the future of Russia.

The University staff and students greatly appreciate the university, its traditions, its unique atmosphere of collaboration and the creativity of professors and students.