Nuage Vert (Ivry-Sur-Seine) by HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen). Photo:

One in a series of exhibitions showing as part of the Art + Climate = Change festival, Perceptive Power assumes something of a critical position in unpacking the various power dynamics underpinning relationships between artists, renewable energy industry stakeholders and environmental activism.

Opening at RMIT Design Hub next Thursday night and featuring a host of Australian and international artists – including Melbourne’s Ash Keating and Keith Deverell, Sydney’s David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, Carbon Arts and Paris collaborative outfit HeHe (their work Nuage Vert (Ivry-Sur-Seine) is pictured) – the show purports to pose questions of art’s role in relaying an environmental missive, especially when commissioned or backed by the industry.

When does the relationship between artist and subject begin to dilute the very message they’re attempting to convey, and when does an artist become a kind of “on-message” pawn in a wider communications strategy? Perceptive Power shows from April 24 to May 16.