Takehiko Nakao, President, Asian Development Bank (ADB) said that Asia must focus on building inclusive, green and resilient cities, also mentioning committed support to India’s 100 smart cities from ADB. He mentioned this on ‘Solutions for Inclusive, Green and Resilient Cities’ at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit.

Takehiko Nakao, President, Asian Development Bank (ADB), said, “The use of technology and intelligent systems will include urban services for the poor, including sanitation and affordable transportation. To make cities greener, they must become energy and resource efficient through promotion of low carbon development and smart use of land and water. ”

Nakao suggested that the government need to more in mass transport systems and waste water management, also that decision makers should consider natural hazards and climate change risks in designing cities and urban infrastructure.

Nakao mentioned three main challenges, “Rapid urbanisation also means urbanisation of poverty. Asia accounts for about 60% of the slum dweller population. Second, environmental sustainability remains a major concern. Cities struggle with air and water pollution, solid waste management, among others. Third, vulnerability to climate change should also be understood.”

Source: urbannewsdigest.in