On 13 June 2018, the administration of Odessa State Environmental University met with representatives of the JiangXi FengLin College of Foreign Economy and Trade, the People’s Republic of China, at the premises of OSENU.

After consultations on the definition of the directions and forms of possible bilateral organizational, scientific and educational cooperation, in particular, in the areas of economics, management, tourism, ecology, agroecology, Prof. Sergiy M. Stepanenko, Rector of OSENU, and Mr. Yiu Tak Tat, Director of the JiangXi FengLin College of Foreign Economy and Trade, signed a memorandum on cooperation between the institutions.

The event was also attended by the First Vice-Rector, Prof. Mykola G. Serbov, Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Yurii S. Tuchkovenko, Vice-Rector for Studies and Methodology, Prof. Valeriy M. Khokhlov, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Economics, Assoc. Prof. Olena H. Vladymyova, Dean of the Nature Protection Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Anhelina V. Chugai, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Assoc. Prof. Liudmyla B. Kovalenko and Director of Odessa College of Computer Technologies of OSENU, Prof. V V. Kovalchuk.

The main issues discussed at the meeting were the possibilities of further enrollment of the College graduates in the BSc courses at OSENU, development of cooperation in the field of research, and elaboration of joint educational and scientific projects.