On 22-23 March 2017 the Hydrometeorological Institute of Odessa State Environmental University hosted an outstanding event in the history of hydrometeorological sector of Ukraine – the First Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Congress, held on the initiative of Odessa State Environmental University, the Ukrainian Meteorological Society and the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre. The Congress was attended by heads of central and regional departments of Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine, administration of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, heads of meteorological departments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, scientists of the NAS of Ukraine and HEIs, foreign guests from 8 countries.

The First Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Congress was timed to coincide with the World Water Day (22 March) and World Meteorology Day (23 March), which were initiated by the United Nations to emphasize the crucial role and place of meteorological services in human life.

The Congress also launched a series of events to commemorate the 85th Anniversary of Odessa State Environmental University.

More than 150 delegates discussed the basic research, applied and production problems in hydrometeorological safety of Ukraine, sustainable economic and social development of Ukraine in terms of climate change, which are having more and more impact on the human welfare and the economy of Ukraine, as well as the issues of hydrometeorological education.

The Congress programme covered the following key topics:

  1. Methodological problems of Meteorology development as a part of Earth Sciences;
  2. Organizational problems in hydrometeorological activity;
  3. Ways of provision of the national hydrometeorological safety,
  4. The role of Meteorology in finding solutions to the problems of national and regional development, and adaptation to the current climate change;
  5. Modern methods and technologies for meteorological research;
  6. Innovative growing points of Hydrometeorology;
  7. Hydrometeorological education in Ukraine: problems and prospects.

The Congress made a detailed decision, which is to become a guide for the next five years of development for hydrometeorological sector and higher hydrometeorological education in Ukraine. In addition, several appeals were made to the central authorities on urgent measures to ensure hydrometeorological safety of Ukraine.

Moreover, the national NGO “Ukrainian Meteorological and Hydrological Society”, as a member of the European Meteorological Society, was established during the Congress. Prof. Sergiy Stepanenko, rector of Odessa State Environmental University, was elected as the Chairman of the Society.