In the period from 14 to 18 May 2018, Odessa State Environmental University hosted a series of seminars (mini-lectures) by Anders Persson, a leading Swedish scientist from Uppsala University, for OSENU undergraduate students, post-graduate students and teachers. The event was held within the framework of the project of the Swedish Institute (state institution of cultural, educational and charitable purposes,

Mr. Anders Persson has extensive experience in research, forecasting and teaching at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory – Marine Meteorology Division in Monterey, Trento University (Italy), the UK MetOffice and the WMO.

The seminars covered the following topics:

  1. Why does the garbage in the oceans collect at their centre?
  2. Why is it possible to play curling in Odesa?
  3. Rossby waves and downstream development
  4. Looks bad, might be good – looks good, might be bad
  5. The angular momentum paradox
  6. Seven advices to young scientists