Spring ‘EcoSchool – 2017: Climate Change’ was organized from 27 through 31 March 2017 by Odessa State Environmental University in partnership with ‘Eurostrategy’ International Association, the Caritas Odessa UGCC Foundation and JSC ‘Ukrgasbank’.

The event was attended by 35 pupils from 16 different schools and high schools of Odessa, who during 5 days learned to be environmentally conscious, got to know about the global climate change, learned why it is important to return the batteries, became acquainted with current research into the climate change in Antarctica, studied the planet’s water resources and the ways of their management, in particular, have learned about the value of Kuialnyk estuary being the Odessa regional treasure, learned how to save the planet at home and be responsible eco-tourists, saw the economic efficiency of nature conservation measures and the newest achievements in the field of environmental protection, learned about WWF and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, about food of life and how to make herbal walls. The participants attended a lecture on ‘What is Agrometeorology’, took part in workshops on recycling plastic and making briquettes for heating from plant waste, became familiar with representatives of the Odessa herpetobatrachofauna (snakes and frogs), had training on Public Speaking, developed and presented their own eco-projects dedicated to improvement of the environmental situation in the city.

On the last day the pupils went on a trip to Kuyalnytskyi estuary and filmed their appeal to the public and the government about the importance of conservation of the Odessa treasure.

Numerous competitions were held for EcoSchool participants. At the end, the winners were awarded prizes. Traditionally, the EcoSchool winner – the most active pupil, who would be the main environmental activist and bring environmental thinking to the pupils’ masses, was chosen. He was Oleksandr Shuptar – a pupil from 7-A class of Odessa Comprehensive School #92. The team from Odessa Comprehensive School #92 also won the competition of eco-projects. Vladyslav Beryslavskyi, a pupil from Odessa Comprehensive School #72, the winner of EcoSchool – 2016, was awarded the prize of the guest Oleksandra Kazakevych.

Honorary guest of the event, Professor Sergiy Stepanenko, Rector of Odessa State Environmental University, DSc (Physics and Mathematics), told the pupils about the global climate change, its causes and consequences. Associate Professor Valeriia Ovcharuk, Director of OSENU Hydrometeorological Institute, PhD (Geography), delivered a lecture on “Water resources of the planet and their rational use.”

The event was also attended by 17 speakers. Among them there were undergraduate, master and post-graduate students, faculty and staff of the University: Yelyzaveta Galych, Nataliia Shuptar, Nataliia Kyrnasivska, Oksana Volvach, Iryna Tonkonoha, Nataliia Vlasenko, Vladyslav Mykhailenko and Valeriia Chumachenko.

The following guest speakers were invited: Yevhenii Khlebnikov, an environmental activist, Mykola Kalimbet, an environmental activist and a scientist from Dnipro, Kateryna Kurakina, WWF representative, Igor Biliakov, Director of the Odessa Zoo, Serhii Chornyi and Alla Okolodko, Director and methodologist of Odessa ecological and naturalistic center of ‘Afalina’, Vladyslav Liakhovskyi, an expert in Environmental Architecture, Vera Uvarova, an expert on healthy lifestyles, and Oleksandra Kazakevych, a founder and a leading trainer of the Eloquence School, a recognized expert in public speaking.

The organizing committee included: Nataliia Kyrnasivska, the Chairman, Svitlana Rogova, representative of the International Association of ‘Eurostrategy’, as well as Anhelina Dokus, Nataliia Vlasenko, Zhanna Tsushko, Olesia Demenchuk and Vladyslav Mykhailenko. We express our gratitude to photo-volunteers and volunteers: Maryna Hudilina, Oleksandr Blok, Kyryl Stoianov, Anna Kravchenko, Katia Vitenchuk, Kateryna Yemelianova, Anastasia Rudkina, Olena Kostenko, Andriiana Kushnir and Oleksandr Fedchenko.

No hedgehog has been injured during the event, and the pupils are ready to enthusiastically bring environmental thought to their schools!

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