The University of Paris 13 (UP13) is one of the thirteen successor universities created after the Sorbonne after 1968. The University now has close on 22,000 students on its rolls, on four campuses, following degree or ongoing training courses. UP13 is a truly multidisciplinary establishment, and a major teaching and research hub in the north of Paris.

UP13 has the status of a public scientific, cultural and professional establishment. It is a legal entity and enjoys pedagogical, scientific, administrative and financial autonomy. It determines its own policy within the framework of regulations and laws in place and in accordance with its contractual undertakings, to the French State in particular.

The fundamental vocation of the University of Paris 13 is the enhancement of scientific, cultural and professional knowledge for all, through initial and ongoing training and through the development of research, which is an essential support for such knowledge.

In accordance with its mission, the University of Paris 13 pursues the following objectives:

  • enrolling, informing and guiding students and providing them with initial or ongoing training leading in particular to nationally recognised diplomas,
  • developing scientific and technological research, disseminating and exploiting its results,
  • promoting career guidance and integration into the world of work,
  • promoting all desirable forms of relations with the regional environment,
  • contributing to the cultural enrichment and the scientific and technical information of the university community and the regional population,
  • promoting national and international cooperation between universities, and in particular in the promotion of the European Higher Education Area.

The University of Paris 13 Observatory of Student Life (Observatoire de la Vie Etudiante, OVE) conducts qualitative and quantitative surveys of different aspects of student life:

  • integration into the workplace
  • assessment of courses and teaching
  • student living and working conditions

The University of Paris 13 is a member of PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité and of Campus Condorcet, 20,237 students on four campuses in nine teaching units:

  • Villetaneuse campus: 12,059 students
  • Saint-Denis and Plaine Saint-Denis campuses: 1,950 students
  • Bobigny campus: 6,228 students

Nationally recognised diplomas:

  • 13 DUT diplomas, 20 first degrees, 18 vocational degrees, 27 Master’s (83 specialist subjects)
  • 28 Doctorates, 6 HDR research doctorates, 1 Engineering Diploma in 5 specialist subjects
  • 5 medical specialties, 1 Doctor of Medicine diploma (State diploma)
  • 56 University diplomas

Research:  29 laboratories, 2 doctoral schools


  • some 700 BIATOSS administrative and technical staff
  • 1,181 teaching staff, teaching/research staff and hospital teaching staff


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