Klaipėda University is the Western Lithuania university, which is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary as well as integrated into international academic networks, a leader of the national and Baltic Sea region research and studies, an upholder of cultural heritage, a life-long learning centre.

Klaipėda University is a centre of Lithuania as a marine country and a centre of the Baltic Sea region research, arts and studies, which prepares highly qualified specialists, fosters humanist values and pays parallel priority attention to:

  • Research in marine science and marine studies;
  • History, culture and languages, education, health and social welfare, economy, politics, communications and arts of the Baltic Sea region;
  • Sustainable development of Western Lithuania and the Klaipėda City;
  • Development of an integrated science, studies and business centre.

Klaipėda University was established on the basis of decree No I-640 of 5 October 1990 of the Supreme Council (the Constituent Parliament) of the Republica of Lithuania on 1 January 1991. Klaipėda University was founded to achieve the following aims: to carry out researches in marine science and marine studies, to encourage development of the western part of Lithuania, to strengthen Lithuania‘s positions in formation of the Baltic Sea region.

The University was formally founded on January 1, 1991 by a decree of Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament). The new university incorporated existing institutions of higher education in the city. At its inception, it comprised 3,000 students and three faculties (Humanities and natural sciences, Marine Engineering, and Pedagogy). It has since grown to seven faculties and eight institutes: faculties of Natural Science and Mathematics, Humanities, Marine Engineering, Art, Pedagogy, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences; Maritime Institute, Seascape Institute, Institute of Continuing Studies, Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology, Institute of Regional Policy and Planning, Mechatronics Institute, and Musicology Institute. Having 9,700 students and 600 persons in educational staff (in 2006), the University offers 67 undergraduate (bachelor degree), 4 specialized professional, 48 graduate (master’s degree), and 3 postgraduate (doctoral) study programs.


Klaipėda University
Herkaus Manto str. 84
Lt-92294, Klaipėda

General inquiries about the university can be directed to:

Communication and Marketing Office
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Official web-site: http://www.ku.lt/