The Technical University of Varna is a state university in Varna, Bulgaria, founded in 1962.

The State University “St. Cyril Slavyanobulgarski” (Bulgarian: Държавния университет „Свети Кирил Славянобългарски“) in the beginning of the 1940s in Varna had two faculties, economics and technology. The predecessor of the Technical University of Varna and MEI-Varna is the Technical Faculty in the State University. Varna had technical traditions in shipbuilding, mechanics, building auto-body parts, etc. That knowledge and experience led to the development of the technical faculty into an institution. In the 1950s, professors and engineers from other technical universities continued their careers here.

In the years of education the main profiles in the department were:

  • Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Building architecture
  • Industrial chemistry

The lecture courses and practical engineering work were taught in the building of State University/University of Economics – Varna. Since 1958, in the technical faculty in State University “St. Cyril Slavyanobulgarski” there were 30 departments in different technical fields.