Disposable coffee cups are a massive source of waste. The US alone throws out over 25 billion styrofoam coffee cups every year, so an edible coffee cup sounds like it could be quite a good idea. Enter the ‘Scoff-ee,’ a coffee cup made from cookies, white chocolate, a thin layer of sugar and “infused aromas” that is set to launch at KFC locations in the UK. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be the healthiest thing in the world, but it does have a certain ring of “waste not, want not.

The cup was designed by the Robin Collective and is engineered to allow one to drink one’s coffee from a cookie without finding oneself holding a soggy, scalding mess. The cookie forms the structure of the cup, while a white chocolate layer on the inside slowly melts—sweetening the coffee and protecting the cookie. The outside is wrapped in a thin layer of sugar paper—presumably protecting the cookie from crumbling, while also proudly announcing to the world that your coffee has been freshly purchased from that fast-food chicken place.

On top of that delicious blend, a spokesperson for The Robin Collective told The Telegraph that the cups are also infused with a selection of “mood improving aromas,” like “coconut sun cream,” “freshly cut grass,” and “wild flowers,” which “evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays.”