The University of Lleida (Catalan: Universitat de Lleida, UdL) is a university based in Lleida (Catalonia), Spain. It was the first university in Catalonia and the whole Crown of Aragon.

The University of Lleida has its roots in the Estudi General de Lleida, which was created in 1300 by virtue of a charter granted to the city of Lleida by King Jaume II of Aragon.

Felipe V founded a university in Cervera, a town 70 km. east of Lleida whose authorities had supported his side in the Spanish War of Succession in 1713, which replaced all Catalan universities.

It was refounded on December 12, 1991 after a few hundred years parentheses by a law passed by the Catalan Parliament, and since then, besides the historical central edification located in Rambla d’Aragó, in what is nowadays the town district called Universitat, new buildings have been added to it.

The new institution brought together all the university courses taught in Lleida under the direction of Víctor Siurana Zaragoza. The foundation of the University of Lleida was concluded with the approval by the University Senate of the Statutes of the University of Lleida on 27th October 1994. Since then, the UdL has increased the number of degrees on offer and it has been committed to constant innovation, the permanent improvement of the quality of teaching, research, management at the service of society, and to the professional training and personal development of students.

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