A network for the integration of climate knowledge into policy and planning – OrientGate, the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme, INTRA – 5100828 (2012-2014)

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The OrientGate project aims to coordinate climate change adaptation efforts in South Eastern Europe (SEE) countries by building a lasting partnership between communities that produce knowledge and experimental studies, and communities that apply that knowledge.

Many SEE countries are exposed to a rise in sea level, with a greater risk of disaster affecting densely populated areas and the most developed coastal areas. However, in many cases this knowledge does not reach the final users and stakeholders quickly enough or in sufficient quantities. Progress in adapting to climate change in SEE is hindered by fragmented and uncoordinated data services, patchy risk assessment procedures, and the low uptake of the available knowledge in territorial development and other climate-sensitive sectors. There is therefore an urgent need to overcome the barriers that prevent efficient exploitation of the knowledge produced by the scientific community, enabling that knowledge to be taken into account appropriately in the formation of policies and the development of strategies.

The main objective of the project is to communicate up-to-date climate knowledge for the benefit of policy makers, including urban planners, nature protection authorities, regional and local development agencies, and territorial and public works authorities.

The core output to be developed by OrientGate is a set of web tools, designed to provide access to data and metadata from climate observations and simulations that will be available through a data platform connected to the European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT).

The project is coordinated by the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change.




Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (IT)

Forest Department, BMLFUW (AT)

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (BG)

National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (BG)

Gradiška Local Development Agency (BiH)

Hydrometeorological Service of Republika Srpska (BiH)

Attica Region (GR)

Center for Technological Research of Crete (GR)

Goulandris Natural History Museum, EKBY (GR)

City of Koprivnica (HR)

Meteorological and Hydrological Service (HR)

Hungarian Meteorological Service (HU)

Regional Environmental Center (HU)

Autonomous Province of Trento (IT)

Basilicata Region (IT)

Hydrometeorological Service (MK)

Environmental Protection Agency of Covasna (RO)

National Meteorological Administration (RO)

Republic Hydrometeorological Service (RS)